It’s time again for our bimonthly meeting. We’ll be meeting at Rudolphs Bar-B-Que again starting at 18:30 (6:30 p.m.).

A lot of people have expressed unhappiness with the removal regulations preventing Internet Service Providers (ISP) from selling customer information. While this change appears frightening, it’s a problem that has already been addressed thanks previous concerns about government surveillance.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow you to encrypt all of your data in such as way that your ISP cannot see what you’re accessing (besides the VPN itself). Instead of your ISP acting as your gateway to the Internet, the VPN provider becomes that gateway. While that means your VPN provider can see everything your ISP could formerly see, you have the choice of choosing a VPN provider in a country that has better privacy laws and legal protections.

This week we’re going to discuss VPNs. How does a VPN protect you from your ISP? How does a VPN protect you from your government? Who are some of the more popular VPN providers? Join us this week at Rudolphs Bar-B-Que to find out.

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