Hear ye, hear ye! CryptoPartyMN will be having a meeting on July 21st at The Wedge Table (not to be mistaken with The Wedge) starting at 18:30 (that’s 6:30 PM for those of you weirdos who use the 12 hour clock).

As always the meeting’s primary purpose will be to help people get setup with computer security tools. If you need help getting setup with OpenPGP, your hard drive encrypted, or anonymized with Tor feel free to show up.

In addition to helping people with their security we’ll be discussing some of the computer security news of the last two weeks. I will make an argument for removing Flash from all of your systems after two zero-day exploits were discovered from the Hacking Team breach. Some time will also be used by me to discuss OpenVPN, a nice piece of VPN software that works on most popular platforms.

If none of those reasons entices you to show up also know that The Wedge Table has some pretty affordable beer.

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