CryptoPartyMN will be having its bimonthly meeting on August 4th at The Wedge Table (not to be mistaken with The Wedge) starting at 18:30 (that’s 6:30 PM for those of you weirdos who use the 12 hour clock).

The beginning of the meeting will be used to discuss our upcoming event. During the last meeting we decided to hold another CryptoParty on either the second or third weekend of August. We still need to make arrangements with a venue and come up with the topics we wish to cover.

After that we’re going to discuss threat modeling and use the recent Jeep exploit as an example. Some people believe Chrysler is at fault for the security vulnerabilities and others blame Sprint. Either way the overall system was designed under the assumption no hostile actors would gain access, which is a very poor assumption to make on a system that is remotely connected. We’ll discuss why that’s the case and how that applies to securing a remotely accessible network.

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