Welcome to the new website where meeting notices will actually be posted! To celebrate this glorious triumph of modern scheduling we are announcing an official meeting on Tuesday, July 7th. We’ll be meeting at The Wedge Table (not to be mistaken for The Wedge) starting at 6:30.

At this meeting we will discuss plans for our next CryptoParty. I’m also planning on bringing something fun for your entertainment.

By now many of you have probably heard about the Hacking Team breach, For those who haven’t, Hacking Team is a company that sells surveillance malware to tyrannical regimes such as Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Drug Enforcement Agency. Their internal network was breached and 400GB of data was released to the Internet including exploitation code. I’m collecting a sort of “best of” list from the data. At tomorrow’s meeting I will be discussing the need for good security by showing the very bad security practices done at Hacking Team (I’m not even joking, there were login credentials stored in plain text files and the credentials used terrible passwords to boot).

So join us for some planning, some laughs, and some serious discussion on why terrible security can no longer be accepted.

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